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APC Series Double-Crank Precision Steel Frame Press Machine


High precision

High quality


Performance Feature

1. With High rigidity rack design, they are welded with the use of high-quality steel plates, through relieving stresses,so that stability and reliability and of the whole machine in precision are enhanced.

2. Machine adopts high-alloy-steel, two-bent-axle, and two-wide work center, to optimize design.

3. In order to guarantee relative stationarity of machine operation, it is necessary to balancers.

4. Moulding-adjustment precision is as high as 0.1mm, safe,speedy ,and reliable .

5. Through hard oxidation and grinding ,such parts as bent axles,gear sets,and connecting rods possess higher combination property and tolerance.

6. Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake and internationally top duplex,to guarantee precision an operation and stop of press

7. Machine's structural design shall be reasonable,for the convenience of realizing automatic production,red and improving

8. Possess advanced design concepts, low noise, low consumption, and energy

Technical parameters

V typeH typeV typeH typeV typeH typeV typeH type
Rated tonnage pointmm53636373.5
Stable speeds.p.m35-6550-10030-5540-8525-4535-7020-3530-60
Die heightmm400435450455500550550605
Slide adjustmentmm100100120120
Bolster areamm1800x650x1302000x760x1502400x840x1702700x900x170
Slide areamm1400x500x701600x550x701850x650x952100x700x95
Main motorkw.p11x415x418.5x422x4
Presses weightTon14.22027.545.5
Air pressurekg/cm25555
Presses precision
Die cushion capacity
Two plate & two cylinders
CapacityTon3.6 x 26.3 x 210 x 214 x 2
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Die cusion work part dimensionmm2350 x 235 x 2 组410 x 260 x 2组540 x 350 x 2组640 x 470 x 2组

APC Technical Parameter.PDF