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NCR Type NC Servo Roll Feeder For Sheet Thickness: 0.2mm~2.2mm, Pneumatic Release System

Unique Japanese technology design

Reliability & rigid structure

High precision & durability

High Productivity


NC Servo Roll Feeder


It can feed material for various thicknesses and feeding stroke length.

It suits for high speed feeding, long stroke length feeding, to improve production capacity and feeding precision.

With a good operation panel, so users can input feeding length number, feeding speed number freely. Feeding length range is 0.1mm-9999.99mm.

It adopts pneumatic cylinder releasing method, without malfunction.

Mechanical releasing method can be made according to customers requirement.

High precision feeding, ±0.02mm

User can input 5 sets of different feeding length. For each length, user can input 999 strokes quantity number.

User can use this feeder, under normal manual running mode, with normal manual speed. It is easy to feed steel material to stamping mould easily for user.

Releasing device for a roller is high effective, as per press machine’s cam position electronic signal, and steel material thickness.

User inputs feeding length number at a touch screen by finger, feeder can feed steel material to reach that length.

Feeding roller is hollow, surface hardness is HRC60, with chrome plating. 


It adopts high quality servo motor, so can shorten time of feeding testing efficiently.

It adopts high-sensitivity encoder, to ensure feedback and improve feeding precision.

It adopts good belt, to avoid gears gap, to avoid gear abrasion, without noise, without lubrication, safe, environmental.

Motor is installed in its structure internally, to avoid possible damages.


TypeWidth(mm)Thickness(mm)Feed length(mm)Speed(m/min)

Feed capacity:

Thickness*Width         (mm)1.6*2001.6*3001.6*4001.6*500

Parts Brand:

Bearing: Ha Er Bing, Or Wa Fang Dian (Chinese top brand)

Servo motor: Yaskawa, Dahua

User-machine interface screen: Ping Tong (Taiwan good brand)

PLC: MITSUBUSHI (Japanese good brand)

Electromagnetic valve: Pu Nan( Chinese good brand

Pneumatic cylinder: AirTAC (Taiwan brand)

Electric transformer: Jin Huan Long (Chinese good brand)

Proximity switch: Ming Wei (Taiwan good brand)

Switch power: Ming Wei (Taiwan good brand)

Electric relay: Omron (Japanese good brand)

General switch, contactor, button switch, lamp: CHINT (Chinese good brand)

How to select feeder

-Max. width of your strip in coil form

-Max. Min thickness of your strip

-Max. stroke length of your

-Max.stroke per minute of press ...